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An Art Project on the Web

"Along The Rivers"

On this project the artist creates artworks based on her research along rivers and former river beds around Haneda, Tokyo.


I was born and raised in a ward which is facing to Tokyo Bay. In this ward is a mouth of Tama River, and Haneda Airport stands by.
To the north of the airport there are four industrial islands and a part of Tokyo Port. Around these areas some rivers and canals are flowing.
At some residential sides in the ward there are some curved narrow roads which are actually culverts or rivers paved in the high economic growth period.
I have got interested in these rivers, canals and former river beds; there are geographic and historical developments and disappearances at the waterside.
Some riverside spots are currently under construction, and two sluice gates will be removed within a few years* after flood tide measure constructions.
This project may portray not only past changes but also ongoing ones.
*One of the two sluice gates was demolished in October 2022.

Paintings / Drawings (Sketches) / Videos

Works are uploaded on a regular basis.

Vol. 1 / paintings (2020. 11. 30.)
Vol. 2 / paintings (2020. 12. 2.)
Vol. 3 / a video work (2020. 12. 17.)
Vol. 4 / a video work (2020. 12. 25.) *caption edited (2021. 2. 26.)
Vol. 5 / paintings (2021. 1. 22.)
Vol. 6 / a video work (2021. 5. 30.)
Vol. 7 / a video work (2023. 1. 25.)
Vol. 8 / paintings "Along The Canal" (2023. 4. 3.)

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