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An installation view with "The Path in the Residential Side"
September 2018

NEWS / 2019. 2. 23.
New Bouldering Wall Information
2018年12月6日(木)にオープンしましたグリーンアローボルダリングパーク モラージュ柏店様のボルダリングウォールを手掛けさせていただきました。
Installed the new bouldering wall painting at Green Arrow Bouldering Park Mallage Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture, which opened on Thursday, December 6 2018.
The creations are introduced here.

Exhibition Information

Ended on Saturday, September 22. Thank you very much for your visit and support!
Some installation views and works will be on the page soon.

A solo exhibition was held in Tokyo from Monday / Holiday, September 17 to Saturday, September 22.
Details are on the following page.
(Last update; Thursday, September 27)
"Follow My Path!"


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