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From the solo exhibition "Surroundings"
March 2020

NEWS / 2021. 4. 30.
Web Exhibition "State of Emergency 2021"
"State of Emergency" - Paintings of daily life during two state of emergency periods in 2021
Web Exhibition "State of Emergency 2021"

Web Project "Along The Rivers"
My new works are on the web exhibition.
"Along The Rivers" from 2020. 11. 30. at 6 PM UTC+9
最終更新日:1月22日 / Last update: 2021. 1. 22.

Web Exhibition
『State of Emergency』 - 2020年春の緊急事態宣言中の日常をテーマとした作品を公開しております。
"State of Emergency" - Paintings of daily life during the state of emergency in spring 2020
Web Exhibition "State of Emergency"

Zines (brochures) for sale

Paper Bag Drawings - 紙袋ドローイングを掲載 Introducing drawings on paper bags
Windows At Night - 2012年 〜 2018年に制作した、夜の風景を描いた作品より構成 Consisting of paintings of nights from 2012 to 2018
If you have any question about these zines / brochures please ask me via e-mail.


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