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Here We Live
Monday, April 9 - Sunday, April 15 2018
Foyer-OAG Haus, Deutsches Kulturzentrum (German Cultural Center), Tokyo



Tokyo leaves a strong impression with its skyscrapers, heavy traffic, street lights and neon signs,
yet quite prevalent within the hard edged cityscape lie areas where houses and trees sit comfortably together.
Both urban and residential sides show commonality in their history, form and function.
I am interested in how the lights from these buildings form a trajectory that connects us,
an idea that for me personally is best expressed through painting.

Organized by OAG-Deutsche Gesellschaft für Natur- und Völkerkunde Ostasiens
With the support by STAEDTLER NIPPON K.K.

With the lightings by an artist Taira Ichikawa, at the reception on Wednesday, April 11 2018.

Here We Live (2018) / Haneda, November 2007 (2018) / Here I Live (2018)
夜の柿の木 A Persimmon Tree in the Night (2017) / 紙袋ドローイング Paper Bag Drawing (2017-2018)
Night Building (2014 / 2018) *紛失作品 missing work

展示風景 / Installation view

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