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An Exhibition on The Web

"State of Emergency"

The state of emergency was issued in the usual beautiful springtime.
Flowers were blooming around and buds were growing.

Works are gathered into some groups and uploaded on a regular basis.
Works Vol. 1 (2020. 4. 21.)
Works Vol. 2 (2020. 5. 3.)
Works Vol. 3 (2020. 5. 13.)
Works Vol. 4 (2020. 5. 23.)
Works Vol. 5 (2020. 6. 2.)

Works on sale
If you would like to purchase any of works on this project please contact via e-mail to web(at)mina-arakaki.com
Notice; for international orders I would respond depending on the situation. Please ask me if you would like.
※番号の横に*マークのついている作品は売約済です。Works with * marks by numbers are sold out.

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