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An Exhibition on The Web

"State of Emergency 2021"

東京都の緊急事態宣言 2021年1月8日〜3月21日、4月25日〜5月11日 31日予定
The state of emergency in Tokyo in 2021; January 8 - March 21 / April 25 - May 11 31 (estimated)

State of Emergency in 2020

Works are gathered into some groups and uploaded on a regular basis.
Works Vol. 1 (2021. 4. 30.)
Works Vol. 2 (2021. 5. 28.)

Works on sale
If you would like to purchase any of works on this project please contact via e-mail to web(at)mina-arakaki.com
Notice; for international orders I would respond depending on the situation. Please ask me if you would like.
※番号の横に*マークのついている作品は売約済です。Works with * marks by numbers are sold out.

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